The 86th Academy Awards: Best Picture

Whether you enjoy the Academy Awards or not, they are always an interesting reflection of the past year of film. However, the most interesting and most memorable award is always best picture. The winner is seldom the favourite of many filmgoers. There have been many huge surprises over the years, and unfortunately many snubs of…

The Turin Horse (2011) – Béla Tarr (Jane McCracken)

Incessant wind… a dirge of clawing violins on repeat… ’Doom’ on his hands and knees, crawling ever closer with each sunset, along his impending trail of inevitable cataclysm, until finally he reaches the desolate cottage on the Hungarian plains.

Le Samourai (1967) – Jean Pierre Melville (Pete Johnson)

Hitman Jef Costello is a perfectionist who always carefully plans his murders and who never gets caught. One night however, after killing a night-club owner, he’s seen by witnesses. His efforts to provide himself with an alibi fail and more and more he gets driven into a corner.

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Whip It (2009) – Drew Barrymore (Sarah Myles)

The 2009 directorial debut of Drew Barrymore – Whip It – is arguably the ultimate feminist movie. While that may seem to be a fairly bold statement, it is absolutely the case that this film embodies everything that representation of women in media should be striving for.

Your Favourite Female Director?

In a world dominated by male film directors, it is often overlooked that there have been some fine female directors during the history of film. This question is not often addressed or discussed. That is why we at A World Of Film would like to know – who is your favourite female director? Which has…

The Legend of the Scarecrow (2005) – Marco Besas (Isabelle Birch)

The Legend of the Scarecrow (La leyenda del espantapájaros) is a 10 minute short Spanish film about a lonely scarecrow who befriends birds and heals a bird that thinks that scarecrows are evil. The Scarecrow is caught and is locked in the windmill which they burn and the crows scatter his ashes.