In Living Colour: American Broadcast News on Film

I recently wrote an essay regarding political representations of TV news in film by comparing Network (1976) with Christine (2016). The essay focuses on the political ideology of TV news, attempting to work out what value such media holds in communatating truths to mass audiences, while asking if this is even possible when situated within…

Director Knockout: Final Results

After a month and a half of voting, the winner of A World of Film’s Director Knockout has been declared… and the third place, runner up, and winner goes to… Alfred Hitchcock! (Final bracket results HERE) In the end, there wasn’t much competition for Hitchcock, winning every round against some very heavyweight directors very comfortably…

Director Knockout: The Final

VOTE NOW! It takes only 10 seconds Click in each match to state your chosen director; the director with the most votes will win Director Knockout! In the end, only one director can win, becoming the ‘A World of Film’ champion. Click HERE to see the updated bracket. The Final: Third Place:

Director Knockout: Semifinal Results

Thanks to everyone who voted in the semifinal of Director Knockout! (two very close matches) Click HERE to see the updated bracket. Here are the results: The finals. Voting starts soon!