The 86th Academy Awards: Best Picture

Whether you enjoy the Academy Awards or not, they are always an interesting reflection of the past year of film. However, the most interesting and most memorable award is always best picture. The winner is seldom the favourite of many filmgoers. There have been many huge surprises over the years, and unfortunately many snubs of wonderful films. The nominees for the 86th Academy Awards for best picture may not be close to your list of nine favourite films of last year, but they are consistent, and all hold at least one great element within them. The nominees are:

American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street

Last week A World of Film hit 1,000 followers (thank you all), to get a better understanding of our audience, we would like to ask you all four questions about the 86th Academy Award best picture nominees. Here they are, be as honest as you can:

  1. Which out of the nine nominees do you think will win?
  2. Which out of the nine nominees do you think should win?
  3. Which one film from last year would you add to make ten nominees?
  4. How many of the nine nominees have you seen?

Thank you for your responses, and thank you for all of your support for our site.


22 Replies to “The 86th Academy Awards: Best Picture”

  1. OK, brace yourself…
    1) Twelve years a slave.
    2) American Hustle
    3) Honestly cannot think of one to add.
    4) None (And only one on the list that I am even interested in)
    I know, a very negative view. I see the awards as a hype, just marketing really. They don’t seem to attach to very important films, as they once did, perhaps a few decades ago. A film about a man in love with his computer OS? I wouldn’t even watch that.
    Then again Darrell, I am a grumpy old Englishman!
    Best wishes to everyone, Pete.

  2. will win: 12 Years a Slave
    could win: gravity
    should will: Her/Dallas Buyers Club
    adding another category of my own –
    hope to god doesn’t win – The wolf of wall street

  3. Don’t worry Pete. I’m pretty much a grumpy young Englishman most of the time.

    I think you are right with Twelve Years A Slave.

    And well you see, a few years ago I didn’t really care at all, I saw it just as a way to market films, and maybe it can be at times. But recently I have seen that there can be good in it, it can get more people to discover films they otherwise might have missed, and it can be a celebration of cinema, ok not all of it, but at least a portion. I know this sounds like a romantic view, I understand the academy has big problems, but I really feel like the Oscars can be embraced.

    A few years ago all I would watch were French New Wave and Italian Neo-realisum films. They are wonderful, but since opening my mind to all cinema (no matter how over commercial it might feel at times) I have really felt so much more confident in discussing film.

    And I am very interested in seeing Her, I can understand your reservations, but I have heard the film is very beautiful and touching, even from much older critics.

    Thanks for your comment as always Pete


  4. I agree completely!

    Yes, I really hope The Wolf of Wall Street doesn’t win, I would say the most overrated film of the year.

  5. 1.Which out of the nine nominees do you think will win?
    Personally I think 12 Years a Slave will win – although I haven’t seen it yet it’s proven to be very popular and worthy of awards. Or possibly Gravity as that won a lot of BAFTA’s as well.

    2.Which out of the nine nominees do you think should win?
    Okay, I saw Wolf of Wall Street and that UNDOUBTEDLY deserves an award – it was FANTASTIC. And I love Leo, he’s my favourite actor so it would be nice if he won. HOWEVER, the other day I watched Captain Phillips and I was absolutely blown away so personally I think that should win because I can’t even put into words how amazing that film was!

    3.Which one film from last year would you add to make ten nominees?
    Last year?! God I can’t even remember what films come out last year hahah

    4.How many of the nine nominees have you seen?
    I’ve seen 5 of the 9
    American Hustle: Which I really didn’t think much of tbh…
    The Wolf of Wall Street: Loved it!
    Gravity: That was absolutely outstanding
    Captain Phillips: Speechless
    Her: Great film but don’t think it’ll win.

    🙂 xx

  6. 1. 12 Years a Slave – will probably win.
    2. Dallas Buyers Club – should win.
    3. Inside Llewyn Davis – absolutely should have been included in the list originally!
    4. I’ve seen 3 of them so far – really wanted to see Captain Phillips, but missed it on a really big screen. Saw Gravity in 3D (not iMax) and the special effects were amazing, but a film is so much more than special effects. Being a soft, female couldn’t face 12 Years a Slave at the cinema, but will eventually watch it on DVD at home. Heard a BBC critic say it was a vintage year for film, well, I thought it was a pretty average year myself. Most disappointing film of the year was The Great Gatsby.

  7. 1. 12 Years a Slave will probably win.
    2. 12 Years a Slave should win, if not Her.
    3. Prisoners should have been included in this list. Highly highly underrated. One of my favorite film ever, from directing to acting to script.
    4. I’ve seen 7/9 films. Unfortunately I missed Nebraska and wasn’t that interested in Philomena. Maybe when they come out on DVD/Blu Ray.

  8. Alrighty, my two cents:
    1.Which out of the nine nominees do you think will win? I think it’s neck and neck between 12 Years A Slave and Gravity.
    2.Which out of the nine nominees do you think should win? With the Oscars Hollywood centric, and race continuing to be such a hot button issue, 12 Years A Slave will sweep its categories, but looking at all nine films I’d love Nebraska to be get the gong. Would be right out of left field.
    3.Which one film from last year would you add to make ten nominees? August: Osage County without a doubt. I was gobsmacked when it wasn’t included in the list of Best Picture nominees. It was my ‘Best Picture’ of 2013.
    4.How many of the nine nominees have you seen? I’ve seen 5 so far (12 Years A Slave, Gravity, Captain Phillips, Nebraska and Dallas Buyers Club), but should get another 2 under my belt before the awards are announced (American Hustle and Philomena).
    Cheers, Phil

  9. 1. Will win – 12 Years A Slave
    2. Should win – Gravity
    3. What would I add – Hell Baby (JK, can you imagine?) I would add Mud. I enjoyed Mathew McConaughey’s performance in this over Dallas Buyers Club.
    4. How many have I seen – 5 of the 9.

  10. In all probability “12 Years a Slave” will win.

    I feel that “Philomena” is the best film on this list (Although, most of the nominees this year are truly deserving, which says a lot of the quality of films produced this year. It has been one of the better years for cinema.) and should win.

    “Star Trek Into Darkness” is one film I would like to see nominated along with the others, just because it was such an exciting cinematic experience, and also because the Academy keeps ignoring good sci-fi and action films.

    I’ve seen 7 of the 9 nominees. Should see “TWOWS” prior to the awards date. “Her” is something I’m just not interested in.

  11. Will win: 12 years a Slave. Its been a trend for the historical film to win the last 4 years or so.
    Should win: Hands down American Hustle. The film was the best film on this list through and through from casting, writing, costuming and even had an amazing soundtrack.
    Film I would add: I really liked Saving Mr. Banks but not enough to make it a best picture. But far more than I enjoyed gravity.
    lastly I’ve seen every film on the list.

  12. 1. Gravity
    2. Her
    3. Blue is the Warmest Color
    4. Five, I’m not really interested in Philomena, Dallas, Philips or Hustle. They don’t look like films I’d enjoy.

  13. Will win: 12 Years a Slave. I’m still holding out hope, and so far it’s had a good season. If Gravity wins, I’m giving up.

    Should Win: 12 years a Slave. It was easily the ‘best’ movie of 2013. It wasn’t over the top like American Hustle or The Wolf of Wall Street, no was it quirky or ‘new’ like Her or some of the other films which are nominated that I haven’t seen yet. But, purely for the craft of the film, it was incredible. I don’t Steve McQueen can ever be the sort of popular household name like Spielberg, but all of his films have this certain quality to him that I thoroughly enjoy. They’re very honest and very real. Even if you disagree that it was the best film, there is no way you can say it’s not the most important. It will be a victory at more than just the Oscars if this film wins.

    Should have been nominated: August: Osage Country. I thought that this movie was better than both American Hustle and Gravity. It’s number 4, I believe, on my list of the best movies of the year. I loved how the cinematography added to the feeling of being trapped, how the words seemed so real, how the performances each added a new layer to the film. It was truly a wonderful film.

    What I’ve seen: I’ve seen six of them. I haven’t gotten to Captain Phillips, Nebraska, Or Philomena. And I probably won’t before the Oscars on Sunday. I was also hoping to see Blue Jasmine and Blue is the Warmest Color before the Oscars, but, you know. From what I have seen, 12 Years, Dallas Buyers Club, and Her make my top three out of nominated films. I really liked The Wolf of Wall Street, but I’m not sure if it’s a movie I could watch a second time. American Hustle was technically good, but I didn’t like it very much. I hated the cinematography, and I was more interested in Louis C.K.’s ice story than the actual movie, though Christian Bale was brilliant. I’ve just never gotten into David O’Russell movies. I outright hated Gravity. It didn’t make any sense. I would have excused that if I cared even a little bit about Sandra Bullock, but I didn’t. The movie deserves most of the Oscars it’s going to get hands down, but I don’t think it deserves best picture just because it looked so brilliant.

    Okay, this is turning into a rant. I’ll end the comment now.

  14. 12 Years a Slave was Brilliant. Her is my favorite film of 2013, but I would definitely give the Oscar to 12 Years. I haven’t seen Prisoners yet, though – I keep forgetting about it. I’ll make sure it’s on my list of things to see. =]

  15. I don’t think 12 Years is going to sweep. There is not evidence to suggest that’s going to happen. Gravity it probably to sweep, but 12 Years is going to take Best Picture. I think it’s going to be one of those years. But 12 Years is in no way a Hollywood movie. American Hustle is the Hollywood movie on the list. Nebraska winning would be super interesting [I haven’t seen it yet] but I think 12 Years is a really important movie. Usually I root for the little guy or the most interesting movie (which I would say is Her), but, just, 12 Years. Her did win best picture at the National Board of Review awards (this organization is older and less known than the Oscars) and Bruce Dern took best actor for Nebraska. That’s that’s rad.

    Oh gosh August was wonderful. It’s currently number 4 on my best movies of the year (behind 12 years, Dallas, and Her) but dang is it close. It definitely should have been nominated.

  16. Whereas 12 Years a slave is a phenomenal accomplishment in film, in both its story and performances, for me Gravity was a tremendous physical and emotional event. It had a visceral, claustrophobic feel of desperation that made me feel like a part of the film. I didn’t just watch Gravity, I experienced it. Therefore it gets my nod.

  17. That makes sense. I had that sort of experience with 12 Years, and I just think it’s a really important film as well. I actually didn’t like Gravity at all. I couldn’t get into it. I was thoroughly disappointed because I usually love Alfonso Cuaron’s work. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s going to sweep at the Oscar’s (and rightly so), but for me it was just extremely disappointing. I’m the kind of person that sort of needs a chance to care about a character before shit hits the fan, and I didn’t really get that with Gravity. Which made the glaring plot holes that are sure to be present in any space faring movie all the more obvious, and I just couldn’t get past it.

  18. You’re absolutely right about the need to connect with connect with characters, otherwise the story is a bland gravy on overcooked meat; so if you were unable to have that moment with Bullock’s Ryan, then I can see how Gravity wouldn’t work for you.

  19. Indeed. I know some of the decisions for the movie came from the studio, rather than the writer and the director, but I think that it really could have been longer. I appreciate that we were just thrown into this mess, but I would have liked them to maybe have us follow with them the in station for a couple of minutes, allude to Ryan’s daughter early on with a picture or something – give us just a hint. Just a few extra minutes at the start would have improved the movie greatly for me. But, as a concept, I think that it could have taken away from the film just as easily as added to it.

    What do you think of the other nominated movies you’ve seen?

  20. I have only seen three other nominated films. The Wolf of Wallstreet was not my cup of tea. Dallas Buyers Club, although it tells an important tale and gifts us with the phenominal performance of Jared Leto (I believe he deserves to win), I don’t believe it’s an Oscar worthy film and have always felt that it and its star were only nominated for the drastic change MCConaughey was willing to endure for his role. Her is a beautiful love story that brilliantly poses the question of what truly constitutes a relationship, but outside of its wonderful performances (Johansson was great) I don’t think it was the best film of the year.

  21. Interesting. I liked the Wolf of Wall Street a lot, but I’m pretty much guaranteed to like anything Scorsese makes. I think that Jared Leto pretty much has the Oscar in the bag by this point, and I think he deserves it. I loved Dallas Buyers Club. I don’t think it deserves the Oscar, but I do think it deserves the nomination. I think McConaughey gave a great performance, but I do agree there wouldn’t be as much hype around it if he didn’t have to lose all that weight. At that point I believe Chiwetel Eljiofor would have it in the bag, and I would give the Oscar to him, but I won’t be too upset when McConaughey wins. I’ve heard he’s had a good year. I haven’t seen Mud yet, though. I loved Her so much. I don’t think it deserves to win at all, but I still loved it. I do think more credit should be given for it’s cinematography – I thought that aspect was especially brilliant. I saw American Hustle. Never been a fan of David O’Russell. Didn’t really like it.

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