Close Analysis: Peter Watkins’s The War Game (1965)

Sequence Timecode: (00:04:10 – 00:08:20) Based on an estimated projection of how Britain might cope with the escalation, events, and aftermath of global nuclear war in the 1960s, Peter Watkins’s The War Game (1965) shocks and disarms its viewers with the distressing realities of educational facts blended potently with visual enactments of possible future scenarios…

A Movie is a Movie, by Darrell Ron Tuffs

Jean-Luc Godard’s A Woman is a Woman (1961) opens like a grand theatre production, as we, the audience, are sat surrounded by darkness, in anticipation for the show to begin. An orchestra is heard warming up, a conductor is heard preparing, and huge blocks of one word text engulf the screen itself, quickly flashing relevant…

Lunch Hour (1962) – Time to Get Alone, by Darrell Ron Tuffs

The story started its life as a radio play on the BBC Third Programme, and was later brought to the London stage in 1961. But, none of these portrays where as interesting or original as James Hill’s film version of Lunch Hour in 1962. This version, produced by Eyeline Films, was not a huge success…

Les Bicyclettes de Belsize (1969) Douglas Hickox (Darrell Ron Tuffs)

Short films can often become overlooked while searching for hidden cinematic gems from the past. This is particularly true of the 1969 Douglas Hickox short film, Les Bicyclettes de Belsize. The film is itself, a mini trip to, or back to, the heart of swinging 60s London. With its new wave vibe and strong sense…

The Good Time Girls (1960) Claude Chabrol (Darrell Ron Tuffs)

Claude Chabrol’s forth feature film The Good Time Girls, was released in 1960, the same year as Godard’s landmark film Breathless, and, just one year after Truffaut’s career-launching The 400 Blows. Chabrol’s film can often feel inferior to these other French new wave masterpieces at first glance. But, while looking deeper into the film, a…

Planet of the Apes – Franklin. J. Shaffner (1968) (Niall McArdle)

Synposis: Thousands of years in the future, astronauts from earth crash-land on a planet ruled by apes. I recently met somebody who has never seen Planet of the Apes, and so has lived a life blissfully unaware of the film’s cheesy appeal and its much-admired, seldom-equalled shock ending. How has she managed this? How has…

Le Samourai (1967) – Jean Pierre Melville (Pete Johnson)

Hitman Jef Costello is a perfectionist who always carefully plans his murders and who never gets caught. One night however, after killing a night-club owner, he’s seen by witnesses. His efforts to provide himself with an alibi fail and more and more he gets driven into a corner.

The Battle Of Algiers (1966) – Gillo Pontecorvo

Short Plot Summary: The Battle of Algiers is a 1966 war film based on occurrences during the Algerian War against The French Government in North Africa, the most prominent being the titular Battle of Algiers. It was directed by Gillo Pontecorvo.

Cleo From 5 to 7 (Short View) – Agnès Varda

“Cleo From 5 to 7” is truly one of the most beautifully shot films I have ever seen. Its composition of imagery is way ahead of its time and its story is not only heart-braking but is as tense as any drama you will ever see.

Jean-Juc Godard – Breathless

It seems ironic, but if there was any film that did leave me breathless when viewing it for the first time, then it was Jean-Juc Godard’s 1960 film, Breathless.