The Hateful Eight

While viewing Tarantino’s eagerly awaited 8th feature film, The Hateful Eight, two conflicting opinions were passionately arguing within my brain. The first was telling me, “This film is absolutely beautiful; a real cinematic treat!” Indeed, as one might expect from Tarantino, The Hateful Eight is a gorgeously crisp film. Shot on celluloid, and set within a blizzard-ridden Wyoming, the film presents the typical mountain range landscapes associated with classics of the Western genre, yet the film is able to subvert these geographical tropes somewhat by flattening and smoothing out the frame of the film with deep glistening snow… Want to see the entire review? Click HERE to read my full review of Tarantino’s 8th feature film The Hateful Eight at

One Reply to “The Hateful Eight”

  1. I have been unhappy with Quentin’s recent work, but you manage to make this sound very watchable, Darrell.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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