Mind Map: A London Art Exhibition

This week, an art exhibition featuring the work of my girlfriend and two other artists is taking place in Battersea, London. If interested, and for more information, please read below. Alternatively, CLICK HERE to view the official Facebook page.  

A group painting show featuring the work of:

Elise Gegauff
Beth Horner
Christina Kim-Symes

Private view Tuesday 3rd May 6pm – 9pm!


4th – 5th May, 11am – 7pm
6th May, 11am – 4pm

The Gallery on the Corner
155 Battersea Park Rd,
London, SW8 4BU

Closest tube is Battersea Park

Mind Map is an exhibition exploring solitary experiences, and rendering landscape and atmosphere through the medium of paint. The three exhibiting artists tackle these themes in unique ways ranging from haunting, imagined spaces to eerie, suburban scenes to traditional landscape painting. This exhibition aims to look at how painting can be used to convey a state of mind, and also reaffirm the relevance of the figure in contemporary painting.

Elise Gegauff attempts to explore the known and unknown of dreams and sleep paralysis. Working with such a subjective topic, she takes her own experiences and uses the medium of oil paint to convey a feeling of being trapped, and lost at the same time. Introducing black as a new component to her palette, she hopes to break the natural colours in her painting, with a feeling of an unwelcome and foreign element. Focusing on contrast and lighting in her paintings, she creates a curious space that is unknown filled with possibilities for the viewer to explore.


Beth Horner’s work is rooted in suburbia both through the use of inexpensively developed photos on Boots’ glossy paper, and also with reference to the kitsch objects and domestic environments that crop up. The paint itself becomes a form of censorship; mimicking the fill tool of Photoshop it unites and conceals the environment. Images sourced from both personal and found photographs are compiled together and reconstructed to give them a new context and narrative. Assumptions of day and night and inside and outside are questioned, as surfaces shift and merge together like overlaying screens. Her paintings attempt to explore how we orientate ourselves within the non-spaces we are constantly faced with.


Christina Kim-Symes strives to capture a fleeting moment, and to stimulate the viewers senses through colour and subject. For example, in her figurative landscape paintings, she aims to convey a sense of liberty, hope and longing. She also draws upon visual metaphors, looking to represent the feeling of entrapment and oppression associated with social anxiety, by painting suggestions of drowning and breathlessness, still with a figurative conveyance.


One Reply to “Mind Map: A London Art Exhibition”

  1. Nice work by the artists, Darrell. It’s a shame that I am so far from London now. I used to enjoy an exhibition, especially one with free alcohol!
    (I did actually buy two originals after attending some…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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