YOU DON’T KNOW ME – An Original Film Treatment

I recently completed an original film treatment centred on a story of an innocent young girl caught amidst a firestorm of bad media attention that sees her wrongly accused of a brutal murder.

The subject matter is one close to my heart – our relationship to the media we digest, and the power of that media to convince us we know all about a person’s intentions, goals, outlooks, and emotions. Behind the headlines, there is always more going on. 

If you’re interested, I’d love to hear you’re thoughts on the treatment. Please see the logline information below, then click on the PDF file to read the entire thing. Thanks!


Title: You Don’t Know Me

Log Line: Over nothing more than a domestic argument, a young and inexperienced college student becomes the prime suspect in a nationally recognized murder case amidst negative media attention.

Genre: Crime/Social Drama

You Don’t Know Me

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