Desert Island Directors

Image this scene, it is ordered that you are going to be sent off to an unknown desert island. Before you go, you are told that you can take with you the entire body of work from five film directors to view on the island.

You may never escape from this island, so any films not included might not be viewed by your eyes ever again. Keep the films of the directors that mean a lot to you, but also consider that the same type of five directors may leave you eventually restless.

There are many things to consider.

So, who would you pick, and why? Which five directors work is coming with you?

Here are my five, let’s see if you agree with any.

1. Charles Chaplin

The ultimate entertainer and spirit lifter.

2. Alfred Hitchcock

The perfect mix of mainstream entertainment and technical art.

3. Jean-Juc Godard

To keep my brain occupied to the fullest, but also for fun and subtle humour.

4. Krzysztof Kieslowski

To keep me connected to humanity and human behaviour.

5. Hayao Miyazaki

To remind me that, when done correctly, animation can be more powerful than any film. But, also for a huge amount of adventure.

So, that was my list. But, now it’s up to you! Please comment below.


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13 Replies to “Desert Island Directors”

  1. What a coincidence! I have a list of my favorite contemporary directors that will start being published next week! Great list !! It’s hard for me to choose amongst older directors, the choice is too grand 😉

  2. 1. Alfred Hitchcock – for the same reasons as you, and he’s my favorite director

    2. Quentin Tarantino – All the pop references and exciting conversations and situations to keep me entertained.

    3. Ingmar Bergman – When I need to watch a profound and though provoking film in the addition to being beautifully shot

    4. Martin Scorsese – For similar reasons as Tarantino, but also because of being able to be captivated by incredible acting from De Niro and DiCaprio

    5. Darren Aronofsky to remind me how obsessions can drive you mad


    5. Frank Capra because I need to have It’s a wonderful life in my life haha

  3. That’s a great list. Over your last two, I think I would go with Capra. Maybe when Aronofsky has a larger body of work.

  4. Yeah I would agree even though I’ve only seen two films from Capra, but I’m sure he as a lot of gems!

  5. Sorry, I didn’t get to finish the list before it posted. Please delete the previous list.

    1. Alfred Hitchcock
    2. Ken Russell
    3. Martin Scorsese
    4. Steven Spielberg
    5. Quentin Tarantino

  6. Miyazaki would definitely make it onto my list, as would David Fincher and Jason Reitman. As for the other two? I’m not so sure. There are many deserving directors still left for me to discover.

  7. I did enjoy ‘Thank You For Smoking’ and ‘Se7en’Alina, but I would hardly put Reitman and Fincher in such prestigious company of the only five directors that I could take to a desert island.
    I must be getting a bit too old for these ideas.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  8. Well, for me it’s less about prestige, and more about enjoyment. Besides, I am not really a huge fan of some of the “greats” that other people have listed here—over-the-top movies don’t always sit well with me. But to each his own 🙂

  9. Of course Alina, it is all about choice and preference, and you are certainly entitled to yours. That was perhaps a way of illustrating why I don’t do lists…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  10. Stanley Kubrick – My favorite Director of all time
    Martin Scorsese – Nobody does crime better than him and I love the crime/gangster genre. Plus we’ll get to see some award winning performances
    Sergio Leone – For his classy yet adrenaline-pumping spaghetti westerns
    Yash Chopra – Had to include one Bollywood Director. Was in two minds between him and Anurag Kashyap. Eventually I went for seniority and a longer body of work.
    Quentin Tarantino – Nobody entertains more than this guy. I’m guessing by the time I’ll get to that island, he’ll have made more films too.

  11. Howard Hawks (everybody needs to see His Girl Friday, Bringing Up Baby and The Big Sleep, not to mention Rio Bravo and Red River, and Hawks directed them all); Michael Curtiz (so I could see Casablanca and The Adventures of Robin Hood); Hitchcock, so I can be thrilled; Kieslowski, to keep my moral choices in check; and finally … oh, tough, but I’ll go with one of the Ks: Kubrick or Kurosawa.

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