Your 10 Favourite Films of All Time – Contribute to the official World of Film top 10 list here!

It has been among our most popular topics, and now, it’s getting its own official list, made by you!

Please comment with your top 10 films of all time, and for A World of Film, we will comprise a list of the most popular 10 films. Creating the first official “World of Film top 10 list”

You only get 10, so make them count.

Alternatively. you can email us your list to

To get you inspired, here is the newest version of my list:

10)  Letter from an Unknown Woman – Max Ophuls   

9) Cleo from 5 to 7  –  Agnes Varda

8) Manhattan  –  Woody Allen

7) Rear Window  –  Alfred Hitchcock

6) The Battle of Algiers – Gillo Pontecorvo

5) A Short Film About Killing  –  Krzysztof Kieslowski

4) The Passion of Joan of Arc – Carl Theodor Dreyer

3) Daisies – Vera Chytilova

2) The Night of the Hunter  –  Charles Laughton

1) The Gold Rush  –  Charles Chaplin

Please comment at the bottom of this page, and contribute to our top 10!

65 Replies to “Your 10 Favourite Films of All Time – Contribute to the official World of Film top 10 list here!”

  1. 10 – (500) Days of Summer
    9 – La Vita e Bella
    8 – Modern Times
    7 – Radio Days
    6 – Star Wars
    5 – Chariots of Fire
    4 – Citizen Kane
    3 – The Shawshank Redemption
    2 – The Lord of the Rings (counted as one film)
    1 – City Lights

  2. This is a great list. I’m happy to see City Lights up there. In my top 20 for sure. Also Citizen Kane. My number 11

  3. To me, the final scene of City Lights is the greatest scene I’ve ever seen on film. It still gets me every time.

  4. Ohh I could not agree more! Manhattan has a very similar ending that is not as good, but comes very close. Have you seen it?

  5. Great idea 🙂 I haven’t set aside the time or energy to come up with my Top 10 list, but perhaps I should. It’s a bit difficult to remember all of the films I’ve seen!

  6. Good concept Darrell, though I am not sure if I could ever really list a top ten, as it would probably take me all year to argue them into any order! (That argument would be with myself, of course…)
    I think this will be a popular idea, and it is good to see what other readers are placing high up there. I would have to have a top French/Russian/Japanese/English/American, etc etc and it would end up more like a top 40!
    Regards from Norfolk, Pete.

  7. Yes, I love that film. What did you think of “Stardust Memories”? I have an odd affection for that movie.

  8. Big Kieslowski fan, huh? Can’t blame you! Here are ten favorites (alphabetical order, not good at ranking), it always changes.. I’m very fickle. I’m going to cheat and count Three Colors as one film, but Red is my favorite as well.
    Blue Velvet
    Citizen Kane
    La Dolce Vita
    Lost in Translation
    Red Desert
    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… And Spring
    Sunset Blvd.
    Three Colors (Blue, White & Red)
    Wings of Desire

  9. I’m so pleased to see Red Desert. So many people dislike that film, saying it is not about anything. But it is a fine character study and uses colour to genius effect.

    Also really like Wings of Desire. I’m not such a fan of Fellini, but La Dolce Vita is interesting.

  10. Nice! Yeah, I’m big on Antonioni L’avventura and L’eclisse are up there as well.

    Why are you not a Fellini fan?

  11. 10 – Breathless
    9 – Hidden (Caché)
    8 – Paris, Texas
    7 – The Apartment
    6 – Dr Strangelove
    5 – Once Upon A Time In The West
    4 – Badlands
    3 – M
    2 – City Lights
    1 – Raging Bull

  12. Yes. Both great film.

    And I don’t know. I want to like his films more. I just feel that sometimes they are overlong and drawn out. Towards the end of 8 1/2 I really started to lose interest in amongst scene after scene of dialogue that I didn’t feel went anywhere. It’s difficult because I like his style and use of camera. Just not always his plots, stories or characters.

  13. Breathless was the film that got me into loving cinema. I glad to see Badlands, and another very high appearance for City Lights.
    Great picks.

  14. It is so hard to come up with something like that, but I know I would have The Godfather and Goodfellas in there, definitely Royal Tenenbaums, probably There Will Be Blood too. One of my all time faves is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. And I love Lost in Translation too! Also, I think I have to include Cars because my son loves it so much and I’ve seen it more than any other movie because of that reason!

  15. It’s tough because I tend to not favorite films because they all have drastically different qualities I either admire or resent, but let’s see, here is a list of 10 I absolutely adore in no particular order:

    City Hall
    Beautiful Girls
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The Original Live Action Movie)
    It’s a Wonderful Life
    Get Shorty

  16. Off the top of my head

    Turkish Delight – Verhoven
    Once Upon a Time in America – Leone
    Ran – Kurosawa
    Suspiria – Argento
    Only God Forgives – Refn
    Vertigo – Hitchcock
    Salo – Pasolin-
    Antiochrist – Von Trier
    Paths of Glory – Kubrick
    The Big Sleep – Hawks

  17. Other add ons that I want to mention

    Fat Girl
    Wild Bunch
    The Goonies
    The Butcher Boy
    The Unbearable Lightness of Being
    The Last Picture Show
    Escape from New York
    The Ice Storm
    Steel Helmet

  18. I’m so glad Daisies made your list! Love that film! Here’s my top 10, in no particular order. I get the feeling I’m forgetting a whole bunch of films too. It’s so difficult to definitively narrow it down!

    1. La Dolce Vita
    2. The Holy Mountain
    3. Rear Window
    4. The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
    5. Life Is Beautiful
    6. Funky Forest: The First Contact
    7. Viridiana
    8. Spirited Away
    9. Last Year At Marienbad
    10. The Seventh Seal

  19. Loving your list! I still need to watch The Gold Rush!!!

    10. Dr. Strangelove
    9. The Lion King
    8. 500 Days of Summer
    7. Pulp Fiction
    6. Children of Men
    5. Drive
    4. It’s A wonderful Life
    3. Boyz N The Hood
    2. The Shining
    1. Rear Window

    I have a whole top 30 on my blog though haha expecting a lot more older classics to invade the top 30 though haha

  20. I see, well that makes sense. I think to fully appreciate him (his humor especially) you almost have to Italian, otherwise it takes some getting used to.

  21. Went with one per director just so it’s not too monotonous. But otherwise Tarkovsky would have 4, for instance.

    1. Andrei Tarkovsky – The Mirror
    2. Claire Denis – Beau Travail
    3. John Cassavetes – A Woman Under the Influence
    4. Aleksandr Sokurov – Mother and Son
    5. Yasujiro Ozu – Late Spring
    6. Béla Tarr – Werckmeister Harmonies
    7. Wong Kar-Wai – In the Mood for Love
    8. Tom Noonan – The Wife
    9. Wim Wenders – Wings of Desire
    10. Kenji Mizoguchi – Sansho the Bailiff

  22. 10. Gattaca
    9. Giant
    8. Pierrot Le Fou
    7. Streetcar named Desire
    6. Fox and his Friends
    5 . Shadows
    4. 400 Blows
    3. Elevator to the Gallows
    2. Fear of Fear
    1. A place in the sun

  23. Aaargh I hate it. A top 10 – it surely can never be that static. Your list must change over time and even based on mood. Over the years I have slowly honed, refined, dropped and then put back in countless films. And then ordering them?
    I think that some films would always end up in my top-10 but in variety of order:

    Double Indemnity
    In A Lonely Place
    Oh! What A Lovely War
    Ikiru (it is hilarious that everyone has a different Kurosawa film that makes the grade)
    *Something by Woody Allen from the ‘golden’ period
    All That Jazz

  24. Citizen Kane
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Jackie Brown
    Lord of the Rings
    Menace II Society
    Mystic River
    Once Upon a Time in the West
    Shaun of the Dead

    There’s probably a few others, and that’s off the top of my head.

  25. You should see it when you get the chance. So good.
    I like all your list, but your number 1. Hitchcock at his best for sure.

  26. Yes Daisies is just so bizarre that how could anyone not like it. On the surface it is the kind of film I would normally not like, but it knows how silly and playful it is so never feels over pretentious.

  27. Where can I still get all these movies? I mean they are old movies and it’s quite difficult to get them, well, in my country.

  28. Most are from a liberty, but I have seen things online and you might be able to get them on Amazon.

  29. I have never done a top 10 of film but here goes
    10) The Big country- William Wyler
    9) Moulin Rouge-John Huston
    7) Champion-Mark Robson
    6) Ben Hur
    5) From Here to Eternity
    4) Oliver Twist- David Lean
    3) Great Expectations – David Lean
    2) kind hearts and Coronets
    1)It’s a wonderful life

  30. Matrix
    Higher Learning
    They Live
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Deep Cover
    Malcolm X
    This Boy’s Life
    Strange Days
    Bad Boys

  31. I would probably change this if I were ever to write it on my blog, but these have to be considered for a top 10:

    10. Star Wars
    9. All the President’s Men
    8. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid
    7. Bullitt
    6. Psycho
    5. The Godfather part 2
    4. North by Northwest
    3. Ben-Hur
    2. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    1. Casablanca

  32. Yes, Stardust Memories is great, very Fellini. It’s not very widely appreciated, but I have never understood why.

  33. I think a list such as this says something about you, and where you stand at different stages of your life. So yes, it should be constantly wanting to change. I think that’s the great thing about it.

  34. Well thank you for making it here first! It’s a great list, with some big classics there.

  35. I think Casablanca and Ben-Hur may be the most commented here. I want to make a big list of all these comments.

  36. Not limiting myself to one per director this time

    10. John Cassavetes – Faces
    9. Wong Kar-Wai – In the Mood for Love
    8. Béla Tarr – Werckmeister Harmonies
    7. Yasujiro Ozu – Tokyo Story
    6. John Cassavetes – A Woman Under the Influence
    5. Aleksandr Sokurov – Mother and Son
    4. Andrei Tarkovsky – Stalker
    3. Yasujiro Ozu – Late Spring
    2. Claire Denis – Beau Travail
    1. Andrei Tarkovsky – The Mirror

  37. I saw this post as a new post in my reader; didn’t realize it was the old post again. Anyway, you can use this list as more accurate than the previous.

  38. Yes, I wanted to open it up again to new people. Thank you for this new version of your list. I shall use that one.

  39. My list isn’t anything close to static, either. Here goes nothing.

    Honorable Mentions: The Empire Strikes Back, The Shining, The Truman Show

    10. The Shawshank Redemption
    9. Howl’s Moving Castle
    8. The Dark Knight
    7. 12 Years a Slave
    6. Fight Club
    5. Her
    4. Rock ‘N Rolla
    3. Cosmopolis
    2. There Will Be Blood
    1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

  40. 1. Rashomon
    2. Vertigo
    3. Barry Lyndon
    4. Barton Fink
    5. The Hustler
    6. Cool Hand Luke
    7. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
    8. Apocalypse Now
    9. Inglourious Basterds
    10. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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