The Festival Circuit: A Short Screenplay, by Darrell Tuffs

Click the link to view my short screenplay, The Festival Circuit. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could leave a comment; let me know what you think.

The Festival Circuit is the story of Harris, an up-and-coming indie director who falls asleep during a festival screening of his own film. Harris is quickly photographed while asleep, which kicks off a very unhappy run of unfortunate events for the director.

The story comments upon our relationship with art and celebrity gossip within modern media, examining the ways in which they conflict and distract from one another.

The screenplay has been said to reflect upon recent films such as Birdman in its portray of an artist struggling to be taken seriously against a world in which they appear to be extremely out-of-touch within.

Thank you for your support.


One Reply to “The Festival Circuit: A Short Screenplay, by Darrell Tuffs”

  1. I quite enjoyed this Darrell, and as I was reading it, I began to think of actors who could play the roles, always a good sign. I am unsure if it works as a short film, as I read it more like the last scene in a longer film about the efforts of Harris trying to get his film taken up.
    The very fact that I was elongating the story in my mind must mean that the idea ‘has legs’, and might be worth developing into something longer.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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