Director Knockout: Round 2 Results

Thanks to everyone who voted in round 2 of Director Knockout! Click HERE to see the updated bracket. Here are the results: The next round. Voting starts soon!

My Top 10 of 2015!

CLICK HERE to see my list of favourite films from 2015! Note: I go by the official US release dates. Thus, some of these film may be 2016 releases in some countries.

The Last Metro: A Sequence Analysis

Click HERE to read by new essay, The Last Metro: A Sequence Analysis. The essay is posted to the great film site, Battleship Pretension.

The Festival Circuit: A Short Screenplay, by Darrell Tuffs

Click the link to view my short screenplay, The Festival Circuit. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could leave a comment; let me know what you think. The Festival Circuit is the story of Harris, an up-and-coming indie director who falls asleep during a festival screening of his own film. Harris is quickly photographed while…

The 39 Steps (1935) – Alfred Hitchcock (Niall McArdle)

Summary: An innocent man is wanted for murder and drawn into a web of intrigue after foreign spies try to smuggle military secrets out of the country. Spoilers, naturally, but really, you don’t watch a Hitchcock film for the plot (and the plot of The 39 Steps is rather silly and full of holes); rather…

The First Official “A World of Film Top 10!”

So, here it is, Voting has ended, meaning it’s time to uncover the top 10 most voted for films by our readers. Thank you to everyone that commented or sent your lists by email. It’s great to know that we are slowly building a community of people that simply love film. First, some thoughts, I…

The Great Gatsby (2013) Baz Luhrmann (Kate McBride)

In 1925, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald – a splendid name, eh? – wrote The Great Gatsby. And in 2013, when Baz Luhrmann got his hands on it, he transformed a classic 180 page novel into a 142 minute film. That’s just over one page per minute, following an uncomfortable trend in modern movies for those…