Video Work

Venue Hire

This short film was made to promote the venue hire of the PESGB and the area that the charity is located.


Evening Lecture

This video was made to encourage more members to attend the PESGB London Evening Lecture.


Council Election Interviews

The next few videos are a series of interviews made to promote and encourage more members to stand for the PESGB council board.


Field Trips and Internships

These videos were made with people either interning, volunteering or working at the PESGB to promote more of what the charity does in terms of satisfying the public and the membership.

One Reply to “Video Work”

  1. Good to see you back, Darrell. The short films are very nicely done, with the right professional feel. Though I am sure that is the Giant’s causeway at the start, and not Croydon!
    Well done mate, and I look forward to some more stuff about film and cinema, when you have time.
    Regards, Pete.

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