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For a short amount of time, we have been looking for a sponsor for “A World of Film”. We are still a relatively small site. However, our traffic grows each day, as the site becomes more popular.

Our sponsorship plan is as follows.

  • A link to your site and a short description of it at the end of all posts we make.
  • A page for your site in our “sponsors” section.
  • Once a month posts thanking and advertising your site (on our website and by Twitter)

(there are also future plans for a podcast in which we can thank your site at the beginning of each episode)

This is for £3 per month via PayPal payment.

Please let us know if you are interested at aworldoffilm@outlook.com so that we may send more relevant information, and work with you to design the information on your sponsor page.

We look forward to working with you!

3 Replies to “Sponsor Page!”

  1. That seems very reasonable (even cheap) Darrell, for someone prepared to sponsor a site. Are you looking for lots of sponsors, each paying £3? It seems to me that you will get a lot at that rate, and your posts will be full of acknowledgements.
    Could I have misunderstood, or are you just featuring one sponsor each month perhaps? Forgive my fuddled old brain…
    Regards as always, Pete.

  2. good for you! i’m curious to know how many pageviews you average a month, as I’ve thought about the sponsor thing very briefly. I understand if you aren’t comfortable sharing, though!

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